Expect the unexpected

a must for messes

Life can get messy when you least expect it. Revive technologies was developed for those unexpected and unavoidable
messes and spills. No worries… with Revive’s protective barrier, you can clean up the mess in no time.

Our products
Revive eco

The choice for eco-friendly furniture protection.
Fabrics produced with the latest fiber technology using
Olefin, a synthetic textile made from polyolefin.

Resistant to abrasions, strains,
sunlight, fire and chemicals

Low-moisture absorption,
easily wipe away liquids
and dries quickly

Safe and secure

Strong and colourfast

Lowest static fiber and medium luster

Revive premium

Safer & more effective than its predecessor,
the new and improved C6 telomere is a chemical
compound created for long-term protection
against water -and oil- based spills.

New Environmental
Protection Agency standard

Best overall performance for both
water and oil repellency

Made with a strong chemical bond

More purified than its predecessor

Prevents soil from adhering to the fabric

Prolongs product life

Always clean.
Always easy.

This new and improved technology protects fibers from spills and stains, yet it is safe and virtually undetectable! Revive Premium™ and Revive Eco™ technologies are available in a wide variety of colors, textures and distinctive styles. You are sure to find a fabric you love for any room in your home.

and natural

Beyond the beautiful exterior, all our high-performance fabrics are made using quality components and advanced technology to ensure its durability and longevity. Our goal is to keep your furniture beautiful, easy-to-clean and worry-free.


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Cleaning care

Not all stains are created equal, so they shouldn’t be treated equally.
Revive’s protective safeguards against most everyday spills.
For effective results, treat stains as below.


To clean LIQUID SPILLS such as red and white wine, coffee,
milk, tea, soft drinks, juice, beer, cocktail drinks and soya,
treat stains as soon as they happen and dab with a
paper towel/soft cloth to soak up the mess.

To clean NON-LIQUID SPILLS such as ketchup, mustard,
creamy salad dressing, salsa, jelly, crayola magic marker,
pen, and dirt, remove excess spill using a flat spatula or a spoon.
For loose stains like dirt should be vacuumed off and then cleaned.


In a spray bottle mix a solution of one tablespoon of dishwashing liquid such as Dawn ultra, ¼ cup of bleach and 4 cups (one litre) of lukewarm water.


Spray the soiled area with cleaning solution. Using a clean cloth dipped in cleaning solution, gently rub and blot/dab the stained area, do not over rub and do not use a brush.


Repeat as necessary till the stain is removed, then thoroughly rinse the area using a spray bottle filled with water, continuously blotting/dabbing with a clean absorbent cloth to remove cleaning solution.


When all soap/cleaning solution is removed, blot/dab with a dry cloth or paper towel to remove excess water and allow to fully dry.

Your worry-free,
always-in-style solution
Performance for life